Friday, October 1, 2010

A Temporary Goodbye

Hope you are all enjoying the chronicles of our voyages, thus far, in Madagascar! This is a brief note to inform you that we will be leaving Vondrozo tomorrow, Saturday, October 2nd, for three weeks of conservation awareness-raising and restoration activities in the field. We will be backpacking amongst several remote villages north of Vondrozo and will not be back within internet, phone, or even electricity range until Saturday, October 23rd. I apologize for the pause in posting but assure you that we will have much to share upon our return.

One quick teaser for the adventures to come...

Christa and I opened our sack of WWF tents last Monday and were astonished to discover that we did not intuitively know how to set up the tents. We had to ask the WWF field agents for help. Help setting up a tent! That is not something that either of us ever expected to ask for in our lifetimes.

Turns out our tents are heavy and canvas with metal A-frame poles that recollect my parents’ old red tent from the 1970s. When we asked where the rain fly was, one of the WWF agents held up a second canvas sheet. “What if it rains?” I asked, in French. That fly was definitely not waterproof.

“It’s the dry season in Madagascar,” he replied. And what has it been doing the last three days during our séjour in Bevata? You guessed it—raining. And where are we headed? You guessed it, again— the rainforest.


  1. Hey, I'll bet I could have put up those tents! Sounds very much like our ancient red tent and I was pretty good at setting that one up!

  2. I remember the red tent too it had a good run! But I'm sure a modern northface tent would be more durable, lighter, smaller, more waterproof, etc. Love you cara!

  3. Cara - I'm getting so excited for your return and to hear how everything is going. I hope you have had a great three weeks in the rainforest. I'm writing you from Costa Rica now and on to Yucatan tomorrow. What adventures...! Hugs!